Xtreme Company was founded by Mr. Boni in 2001, with the social aim to produce and distribute model products.

In 2006 we founded the “Matrix Racing Tires” brand, with the aim to introduce our own production tires featuring new important solutions, so we started a direct working relationship with Japanese foam producer, relationship that still goes on with satisfying results and mutual respect.

In 2006 we made a huge investment, as although our business plan seemed right for the work load we were expecting for the Italian market, we immediately undestood that starting from our experience and know-how on tires production our market could not be limited to the Italian borders, so we invested in order to expand our business all over the World.

Mid - 2007 we started a new investment to increase the production capacity and improve the quality control.

In only 3 years, from 2006 to 2008, we changed three times our factory location as to follow our need for a bigger warehouse and for higher production volume. During this year we also continued investing to deal with our customers' requests. We are sure of our rising up in the market, confirmed by very good results in the competition World. We have always more than 70% - reaching maximums of 90% - of drivers using our tires in every racing meeting.

Nowadays our distribution network proudly sports 35 distributors in the World for our brand, we also collaborate with many other factories in tires production and also in the handout tires era our products are proving to be the most popular amongst the EFRA and IFMAR events. Nonetheless many National Federations have chosen our tires as their handout tires, and we are proud technical sponsors of the successful ENS Series.


Our mission is to provide our customers with the best grip and performances for their R/C cars. Although it may sound simple, to accomplish this daily task requires knowledge, high precision robots and machines, top-notch quality materials and, above all, the passion that moves our entire staff. For us it’s like being on track with you every time you snap a set of our tires on your car, and this is the reason why we directly cooperate with some of the best drivers in the World, to give inputs to our R&D development and to give you some wonderful ambassadors in every continent.